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Author: Smiley, Thomas T.
Date: 1842
Short Title: Africa.
Publisher: Philadelphia: Hogan & Thompson
Type: Atlas Map
Obj Height cm: 43
Obj Width cm: 26
Scale 1: 46,000,000
Note: In full color by country or region. Vignette on African map depicts "Music & Dancing of the Negroes."
Reference: P317 (1838 edition).
World Area: Africa
Subject: School
Full Title: Africa.
List No: 0902.011
Series No: 12
Publication Author: Smiley, Thomas T.
Pub Date: 1842
Pub Title: Smiley's Atlas, For The Use Of Schools And Families. A New Atlas, Intended To Illustrate The Encyclopedia Of Geography. (On The Plan Of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Geography.) ... Exhibiting The Natural And Political Divisions Of The Different Countries On The Globe. By Thos. T. Smiley, A.M., M.D. Philadelphia. Hogan & Thompson. (1842?), 1839 ... Entered ... 1838, by Thos. T. Smiley ... Pennsylvania.
Pub Reference: P317 (1838 edition).
Pub Note: Attractive vignettes are on all the maps. E.F. Woodward is the engraver. Tanner supposedly had a part in making this atlas (see Smiley text book, 1836 edition). Maps are hand painted in full color. Covers are yellow heavy paper printed with the above title and table of contents.
Pub List No: 0902.000
Pub Type: School Atlas
Pub Maps: 15
Pub Height cm: 30
Pub Width cm: 25
Image No: 0902011
Institution: Rumsey Collection
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